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About Trolling Solutions

My name is Dan Covey; I have been around boats and fishing my whole life. My passion for the Marine World and fishing started when I was 10 years old, going out with my father Captain “Red” Covey. He operated, and I learned, on Sport fishing boats from 65’ to 100’ in the early 70’s off the southern California coast. My father was a boat operator captain taking fisherman out for 30+ years.

My passion for boat rigging started in 1996 when my father and I started trolling for Chinook Salmon on lake CDA in the early 90’s.  After hearing about some big salmon in the 30 pound range being caught I was “hooked “. Our first boat was a 14’ Valco aluminum boat with a 15 HP Evinrude 2 stroke. Nicely equipped with homemade PVC downriggers and hand poured concrete downrigger weights … Not even kidding! From there we moved up to a 25’ Sea Ray cabin cruiser steering the kicker with a tie bar to the outdrive and hand throttle.

In 1998 our whole trolling world changed when I saw my first kicker motor Autopilot the “TR-1” on a fellow fisherman’s boat. What a game changer and obvious necessity to be able to maintain heading and speed with boat control. I immediately contacted the company that produced this product; what a joy not having to steer the trolling motor by hand anymore.  From there I became an installing dealer for them which started out as a part time hobby and took off as more fisherman starting seeing TR-1’s on the water. Trolling Solutions has been in business for over 22 years.

Whatever your boat, from fresh water kayak fishing to 30’ commercial ocean boats; we have helped 100's of customers increase their catch, make fishing easier, more enjoyable, and increase their safety. We continually seek out the ‘next best’ tools, so please stop by our site frequently to see what’s new!

Happy fishing!

Dan Covey

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