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Electric Trolling Motors

Garmin Force Trolling Motors


The Garmin Force Trolling motor is the most powerful and efficient trolling motor on the market, it uses wireless chart plotter connectivity to provide navigation, autopilot, and anchor lock features. The Garmin Force comes with an integrated transducer with traditional CHIRP and Ultra High-Definition ClearVu and SideVu scanning sonars, and can wirelessly connect to your Garmin Chart Plotter.

The Garmin Force Trolling motor comes with a wireless foot pedal, providing responsive control yet feels and steers just like a cable-steered pedal. The Force Trolling motor also comes with a handheld remote control with a sunlight readable display. The hand-held remote gives you complete control with simple point-and-go gesture steering. Its high-efficiency brushless motor operates at either 36V or 24V. When running at 24V it is more efficient than the competitions 36v systems.

Rhodan Trolling Motors


Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor will keep the boat’s bow parked where you want it, in any depth of water, automatically compensating for wind, waves and cross-current. High definition precision differential GPS receiver provides remarkable positioning accuracy. The motors come in a variety of shaft lengths from 36" to 84" depending on the size motor you are selecting. 

In Manual Mode, the system behaves just like a normal trolling motor, allowing the operator to wirelessly steer the system and control the thrust. Rhodan has refined the system further by incorporating Thrust Dependent Electronic Steering Control, complete forward and reverse thrust capabilities, and anti-wrapup technology which prevents the power cord from winding itself around the shaft.

In the Track Mode, the HD GPS Anchor ® Trolling Motor will automatically pull the boat along a chosen course, continually compensating for wind and current disturbances. Dual Tilt-compensated compasses keep your boat on a stable directed path as your boat makes a beeline track at your chosen target. This allows you to fish your favorite shoreline without continually correcting your boat’s heading. The track speed is adjustable (10 thrust settings) and the track heading can be changed in precise 5 degree increments, all using the wireless fob.

The HD GPS Anchor ® Trolling Motor has 12 memory locations. Four of these are dedicated to memorizing anchor sites. The remaining eight can be used to record intricate paths or routes over 1000 miles long! The twelve memories will remain in the system memory even after power down. Paths can be recorded while running at trolling speed and even at cruising speed with the trolling motor stowed! Play your recorded routes back at your chosen speed while the precision HD GPS Anchor ® steers your system for you! The system will automatically anchor the boat when it completes a route. 

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