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Fish Hawk Products

Fish Hawk products can provide surface temperature and trolling speed, down-rigger ball temperature and speed. The latest version also provides the depth of your down-rigger ball; that means no more guessing what the blow-back is.

Knowing the speed, temperature, and depth your tackle is running is a game changer. The difference between the surface speed, and the speed your tackle is running depending on the currents and wind can be huge. 

Different fish prefer different temperature ranges knowing what temperature the water is at your ball can tell you if you are wasting time and fuel. Raise or lower the ball to find the right currents and temperature for your target fish.

We can install your Fishawk and help you get it configured and tuned correctly.  The trick is to avoid interference with your other transducer(s), and configure the speed once it is installed on your boat. After that you are good to go.

Call us for pricing and availability: 208-775-4025

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