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Trolling and Rigging Accessory Installation

We focus primarily on trolling and rigging accessory installation, and less so on sales. We are happy to see what prices we can get for you depending on the products you are interested in.

Downrigger Installation

We have installed many Cannon and Scotty downriggers, manual and electric. We are happy to provide recommendations on a downrigger if you do not already have  a preference. It really all depends on your boat, where you plan to fish, and what fish you are targeting, as well as any other electronics on your boat.

Planer Board Rigging


We can recommend and install planer board rigging; this is definitely boat dependent. We are happy to discuss different approaches to getting planer boards rigged on your boat. there are many options and locations on a boat to install these. Depending on your vessel you may require one or two planer masts, or simply side mounts. These can be run manually or via electric motor. 

Charging Systems

You should always have some on-board charging system to re-charge your batteries when running a cruising speed. There are many options available. Most boats also need a 120v trickle charger, when properly designed into your boats electrical system it can charge your batteries by simply plugging in an extension cord at the dock or in your shop. We regularly install Blue Seas ACR, and NOCO systems.

Uncle Norms Trolling Fins


We have seen all sizes of boats benefit from adding a trolling fin from Uncle Norms. It provides your trolling motor more resistance against wind and currents.

If you have other accessories in mind or want to talk about what is possible, please give us a call.  208-775-4025

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