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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more frequent questions we receive. If you don't see a question and answer you are looking for please send us your question via our Contact page. We are always trying to improve our website and the service we provide, Thank you!

  • Do we install products other than the ones we sell?
    Yes we do install other manufacturers, and have experience with many other top products. We focus on installing the brands we carry as we have years of experience and stay current on their product lines. Please give us a call if you have a different manufacturer's product, as we can most likely help.
  • Can my auto-pilot connect to my fish finder?
    If they are the same brand absolutely, if they are not the same brand, maybe?
  • Does my fish finder and auto-pilot have to be from the same manufacturer?
    Technically speaking, No they do not have to be from the same manufacturer. However, if you want to insure they will work together then yes they should be from the same company. Some products can work with other companies products, but there are no gaurantees that they will.
  • What size trolling motor do I need for my boat?
    Several things factor into this: How big is your boat, size does matter? What kind of fishing will you be doing; are you stationary and casting or trolling? Where will you be fishing and what are the wind and currents like?
  • What are proper fish handling techniques for Catch and Release?
    Please refer to our page dedicated to this topic; Proper Fish Handling
  • Troubleshooting: Flashing Depth or No Bottom on Fish Finder
    Watch this video for steps to follow to diagnose possile problems: WATCH THIS
  • Learn the basics needed to create a NMEA 2000 network for your compatible Garmin marine device(s).
    Watch this video on how to create your own NMEA 2000 network. WATCH THIS
  • Pairing a Reactor Autopilot Remote to a Garmin GHC 20
    Watch this video for help on pairing your GHC 20 with a Garmin Reactor Autopilot. WATCH THIS
  • How do I pair a Reactor Autopilot Remote with a compatible MFD?
    Watch this video on ho to pair a Reactor autopilot with a compatible MFD. WATCH THIS Pairing the Reactor Autopilot Remote Control On the helm control, select > Global Settings > Communications > Wireless Devices > Wireless Remotes > Autopilot Remote. If necessary, select Enable. Select New Connection. On the remote control, select > Pair with MFD. The helm control beeps and shows a confirmation message. On the helm control, select Yes to complete the pairing process.
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